Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tumeric Mask

Tumeric is a Natural healer. It has been used in many cosmetic products in order to diminish the appearance of aging. Tumeric can be used on many skin conditions like ezems, acne, chickenpox, and rashes. Tumeric has been used for centuries by Indian women, to achieve the appearance of flawless skin. Tumeric can reduce hair growth on the face aswell.

Tumeric can be used as a natural cleanse by just mixing ...
Milk ( or Lemon juice)
Tumeric powder

Used as a Mask Tumeric can reduce pigmentation and help even your skin tone.
Just mix....
Milk( or Lemon juice) - 1 spoon
Tumeric powder - 1spoons
Honey - 2spoons
Mix and apply to your face (make sure to stay away from the eye area) let it sit for 10mins and repeat every 3days.

I know i look crazy, but It'll pay off :)

Tumeric works wonders on skin conditions & irritations. Give it a Try, and don't worry your face won't turn orange, just be careful with your clothes.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lemony Lemon!!

Most of us have struggled with our skin at some point, So Idecided to create a series of post that will provide you with great natural skin care alternatives. Most skin care products have like 50 different ingredients and 1 active ingredient. Rather then using skin care products with mystery additives why not make your own? For instance....


Lemons are very beneficial to the skin , and can be use in skin care treatments.Lemon juice, is a natural antiseptic, can assist in curing problems related to skin

*Lemon can be used to brighten and soften you skin, it can be used on your face and any rough skin like your knees and elbows. Just squeeze half a lemon in your bath water and sit in for about 20mins.

*It can also be used as a natural mild skin lightener, getting rid of freckles, agespots, and blemishes. As well as getting rid of blackheads. Take a slice of lemon and rub on the the problem area. For SENSITIVE skin just dilute the lemon juice and apply.

* Lemon Juice also acts as a antiaging remedy, Lemons are loaded with vitamin C which helps our skin cells reduce the effects of free radical which increase aging.

*Lemon juice is great for oily and acne prone skin , the citric acid in lemons breaks down oils and cleanses the skin. The Alpha-hydroxy acid in lemons help exfoliate the skin , this is great because the key to ageless skin is exfoliation in moderation.
 You can create a chemical peel (which removes dead skin) by taking
powered content of an unflavored gelatin packet into a bowl with boiled water and pour just enough water to cover the gelatin, mix until the gelatin dissolves and allow it to cool a bit ( so you won't burn your face) For sensitive skin used boiled milk.
Squeeze lemon juice more or less depending on the severity. Add an egg white (no yolk) Mix and apply , wait 30 mins and remove.

Please remember to apply sunscreen to protect your new clean skin