Sunday, November 28, 2010


Wednesday night I went to sleep feeling fine,I think I probably sneezed like 
once. When I woke up the following morning I felt all kinds of symptoms,cough, 
a really bad sore throat! 

                                                                Lol All bundled up !

I couldnt get this picture to rotate
So I took a therflu, and some tylenol cold pills and 
went about my day! First thing in the morning I went to church to give away 
clothes and food! And around 12pm I came back home and got ready to go to NJ to 
visit my older sister! I was feeling worst, runny nose, headache , fever! But I 
really didn't want to let this bring me down. So we headed out to the car 
around 4pm, btw we took my kitten with us, who fell asleep the entire way. A 
1.5hr drive turned into a 3hr drive, so much traffic! Then I had to use the 
bathroom, and your probably going to call me nasty for this but I grabbed a cup 
and peed, nature was calling! 

Kitten sleeping by the stearing wheel

                                                                   My older sis and I
I had loades of fun when we got der, ate tunes of 
food, eventho I couldn't taste very well! Around 10 we headed back home because 
I seriously wasn't feeling well. On the car ride back the kitten pooped , lucky 
we had a small cat litter in the car! I grab the poop and threw it away! Once I 
got home I put my PJs on and went to bed!

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