Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kardashian Tuesday

Yesterday I had such a good day, first I went at  9am to school (Empire Beauty
School) for orientation. Everyone was super nice and funny! We sat there for about
1hr30mins and discussed important things like attendance, dress code ,
financial aid, and other peoples experience! I'm so excited to start! We learned
that on our first day of school we will be receiving and enormous Beauty Kit!
Which includes everything we'll ever need! 

When I left my house
 So after my orientation ended I
decide to head to barnes and nobles on 5th ave to see the Kardashians! OMG I
walked from 32nd st to 46th st in the rain. "What a loser" lol. When I arrived
there was a huge line , that went around the block!

At 5thAve Barnes and Nobles for the Kardashian Book Signing
I went inside and the
kardashians were upstairs, unfortunately we were not allowed upstairs unless we
were coming from the line. So I went back home at least for a brief moment we
were in the same building!

I got caught in the rain


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  1. hey hun i start empire next week what program did u do hair or makeup? let me know also follow my blog :)


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