Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box

This is a review on The Deluxe Shadow Box from Urban Decay, one of my ultimate 
favorite eye shadow palette ever, The packaging it self is adorable ! Its a 
purlple suede cover with a metallic mesh square in the middle!
 And when you open it up tah dah! It has a mirror 12 different shadows and a small eye primer ( which is missing) !
These colors are super easy to apply and vivid with just one swipe you get plenty of color! They are not shimmery they are metallic!
Its really great because if your going for a more dramatic look you can use the 6 shades on top and for a more nude and casual look you can use the last 3 . You could even just mix them up!

Fill Weight: Deluxe Eye Shadow 9 x 1.2 e 9 x .04 US oz; Eye Shadow Primer Potion 2.66ml e 0.10 US fl oz
Price: $38.00 You can purchase one at , or Sephora

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